Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Trip of a Life Time

May 13th is the day, its the day i travel to Greece and Italy!! I have never in my life been anywhere as beautiful and as far as this. In fact, the farthest i have traveled was New York City. Its sad, i know! But thanks to my Best Friend Brittany, I have a chance of a life time to goto these two amazing places. Also thanks to my job because of course without money this wouldn't be possible. I am super stoked. We are going with a group of other college students from Britt's school on a guided tour and staying for 2 straight weeks. The last 3 days we will be on a cruise ship sailing the isles of Greece. I Cannot wait, only a month away! If you have any tips for me, let me know because again I'm a rookie at this whole traveling thing.

I have learned two things about myself since i enrolled onto this trip.

1: Im great at saving money for something i really want and fast at it to.

2: i had nooo idea i was ever going to get this oppurtunity , but it happened and now i know that anything is possible.

Britt and me : )

I miss this thing.

I sincerely miss writing in this blog.
If anyone is still looking at this thing, i think i might start it up again and let everyone know what ive been up to in my life. Latley, i have made many new decisions. I feel like my life has taken a fresh start and finally i feel like im on the right Track.
Soo Stay tuned friends...
P.S. and even if noone reads this, i love that i can write whatever is on my mind at any time.
Love yous!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ever since I saw "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" I have been completely repelled by Scary, gruesome, killing movies. I absolutely cant handle them anymore like i use to. I just came to realize that filling my mind with these disgusting, disturbing images is worthless. Whats the point? Images stick in your mind forever. Try thinking about a scene of a movie right now, i bet you can picture in your mind everything that happened in that scene. Our heads should not be filled with these thoughts, this is what corrupts people today. Images of killing and being killed are seen on Television, in movies, on the Internet, basically everything that's on the media . Today i watched the movie Apocalypto but i couldn't sit through the whole thing. It has a good plot but its nothing but killing and suffering, It got me so upset that i walked out and started reading the bible, asking God for peace. I almost cried. Making murder seem ok to watch when Life is Way too Precious for that.

"Savor Every Breath; Life is Precious"
Praise the lord.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I have Flickr

Check out my flickr site at www.flickr.com/photos/sarahj3 I think i might use flickr more then blogger just because i dont feel like i have to say as much on flickr i can just post lots of pictures all at once for all of you all to see. So yeah check that out people! : )

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spring Fest

I don't think I've ever posted these pictures. But this is me with a huge snake on my shoulders at the spring fest at my college. I was scared, you cant tell but i was a little bit nervous to have this live snake touching me. It was SO heavy to, weighing me down i had to hold it up so the thing wouldn't fall... Well i can cross this off my list of crazy things to do before i die.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I got no Wisdom.

Yesterday i had to get all four wisdom teeth taken out, It was not fun at all! Right now i look like a blow fish my cheeks are way poofed out. I feel lazy and bored. My mom rented me some great movies titled "Because i said so", "The Lake House", "Dejavu" and "Charlottes web". What stinks most about this operation is that i cant eat anything hard , all my food has to be real soft like yogart and icecream. I try to eat chicken noodle soup but for some reason it makes me feel sick. This was also so late notice , my mom just calls me up Thursday night while im working and tells me how i have to get my wisdom teeth taken out Friday! Yikes! So i took off work all day today(saturday) and im just so bored. If anyone has nothing better to do but drive to hoopers island and watch movies with me please do.

The Houses I help Andrea Clean

These houses we clean are huge and beautiful. Mom always makes me clean the bathrooms and each house I've ever helped them clean has at least 5 of them. But i enjoy cleaning nice houses especially the ones that are nicely decorated and i defiantly like the extra money this is giving me.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Mariah's Graduation.

Mariah Johnson has graduated her 2 year old Day Care class at SunnyDay.
Next year she will in the 3 year old Class YAY for Mariah!
I Love her!

Peking House, I love you!

This is my Best Friend Brittany and her friend Tu. Yeah her name is Tu pronounced like "too". We all had a great Dinner at Peking house before i Left for Mariahs Graduation. I got Sesame Chicken which is just Generals Tso Chicken but with Sesame seeds sprinkled on top lol. Wow now who ever thought of that was a genius ; ).. The sesame seeds reminded me of Sushi , gosh what i would give for a California roll right now! Anyways I Love Brittany so much and of course i love Tu too, But Brittany and i have been best friends since Elementary School and we have kept in touch through everything. I'm fully confident that we will be friends forever!

New hair color / cut!

I waited so long to get my hair cut/highlighted (about 5 months) and here is it!!
I guess you cant see the color all that good in this picture but its way more blonde now, thought i should go lighter for the sweet summer time! This cost me a weeks pay, no lie! But it was worth it, a whole three inches cut off makes my head feel so much lighter and cooler.

Monday, April 23, 2007

So this was an Exciting weekend because my roommates and I found a Puppy Dog! its a Maltese and we found him shivering in the Rain on the side of the road like a block from the College. So we took him to our apt. and gave him a bath and fed him. He was the Sweetest puppy ive ever seen. he had no tags and we wanted to keep him but there are no pets allowed in the apartments and he started to bark after a while everytime someone knocked on our door so we had no choice but to keep the dog over night then find his owner.We named him like 4 different names, Casper, Amor, Muffin, and Simba haha. When we gave him back to the owner we found out his real name was Rookie so we were sort of close haha. Anyways At least we had a puppy for like 24 hours . i Wish we could of kept him but we did the right thing by finding his owner and returning him : (... I miss you Rookie..

Please what?

During Easter Break Rachel, Sandra, Emma and i went to the movies and saw Blades of Glory and afterwards i needed some gas so i went to Royal Farms and when i pulled up to pump 6 Danielle ( Rachels sister who was also with us) asked, Why does that pump say please fart? It used to say Please Pay First but we thought it was funny so i took a couple pictures. Now im left here wondering who would do this? but then i remember, oh yeah this is Cambridge people and things like this happen.